Cool Tools for Programming Class

Here’s a great list of Microsoft Products and Projects that support students learning Code!

Which Microsoft Tools/Technology teams would you like to connect with?  Please add yours in the comments below!

Visual Studio –  Classic Development IDE!

Small Basic – Love this IDE for an intermediary between drag and drop and VS!  Ed Price, PM on this product has been wonderful!  Share games and more!

Touch Develop –   New platform designed for Phones and tablets, with some fune tutorials!

Kodu –  XBox Controllers and Beautiful Landscapes for hours of learning and fun!

Project Spark –  A visual spectacle of fantasy world, that, unfortunately was close before it’s time.  😦

Minecraft Development  Microsoft is completely revamping the Minecraft ecosystem since it’s purchase of Mojang.

BBC micro:bit –  A fun, compact development board, developed in the UK – available in the US soon.  Check out the site – some great project ideas you can design and build without

Code Hunt –

Class Dashboard –

Dafny –

F* –

Lean –

Office Mix –

Snip –

Other, please specify:

Lego Mindstorms EV3 Basic –

XNA, MonoGame, & Kinect –

Which Microsoft Training Programs & Services teams would you like to connect with?

Microsoft in Education –


YouthSpark –

Imagine –

Imagine Cup –

Women Engineers at

DigiGirlz –

DreamSpark –

Microsoft Student Partners –

Learn to Code –

IT Academy –

Other, please specify:

CCGA (Creative Coding through Games and Apps) curriculum –


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