What Can Schools do with a Drone?


Credit: Wikipedia


I was asked recently by a teacher from another school about uses for a Drone (UAV)

With all the bad press Drones get for invasion of privacy and a machine for the sake of the machine – I thought – surely there have to be more ideas for using a drone in an educational setting.

Here’a couple I came up with: (copied from my email to a teacher dist. list:

We’ve used/borrowed parrots, etc for Video projects of school wide events, (convocations, ground breaking outside, etc)

Couple ideas for future projects:

  • Engineering testing / design testing
    • Parachutes
    • Materials (destructive testing)
    • SciOly Gliders (drop testing planes/gliders for science olympiad
  • Extreme Egg drop competitions?  Top three egg drops get dropped from drone a X height?
  • Mapping cross country trails?  (Gathering GPS data, compare to maps from Google, etc)
  • Microsoft ICE beta with Photosynth website?
  • Field sports play analysis with coaching eye incorporation?
  • Marching Bands?
  • Social Studies – map making at various scales 1:100, 1:1000, etc
  • Math class, area demonstrations (Power of 10)
  • A Centerville, OH HS student is writing a web interface for controls, using Parrot’s API (CS50 project at Centerville @AngelaYake)
  • OHSAA prevents us from flying drones at games, so we resorted to endzone cams.
  • Water pools/
  • Inspecting tree health, nesting populations
  • We are planning on using one for tree specimen sampling/population counts. (we have acres of forest)
  • Incorporate with Pocket Lab for telemetry, physics class with acceleration, etc data
  • Swap to I/R camera for:
    • energy loss detection in school buildings
    • standing water in school property or neighborhoods (west nile?)
    • standing water on building roofs for maintenance teams
    • study thermo. differences between tree canopies, parking lots, buildings and grassy areas
  • Students could redesign parking lots,
  • Suggest traffic pattern flaws with drop-off commuting, at the school

Just a couple thoughts – hope this helps.  Please add more ideas you are using for your devices…
Have you registered your Drone?  https://registermyuas.faa.gov/

This is a cross post from my personal Blog, https://compuducation.blogspot.com/




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